Travel Planning

What does travel make you think of?

cultural experiences, luxury, once in a lifetime memories, rejuvenation, off the beaten track journeys, living life to the fullest

FLORECER: To flourish.

What does that have to do with travel? The goal of FLORECER Travel is to provide you with life changing experiences and memories that you’ll hold on to, long after your trip is complete. Travel has the ability to change you as a person, opening your perspectives and horizons to experiences and places that many people don’t even know exist. Travel is good for the soul, and one of the things we dream most about.

Having a great time is important while on a trip, of course. But just as important is returning rejuvenated, inspired, and awed, with stories, recipes, new favorite places, and photos that you’ll cherish forever. I know that my favorite memories are always the places and things that I've experienced with my favorite people.

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The Process

First, we want to get to know you. In particular, we want to understand how you want to feel when you travel. Peaceful? Exhilarated? Curious? Full tummy of tacos? Specifically, what makes you happiest, and what kinds of memories do you want to bring home? We’ll start with a phone call, and we’ll ask you what kinds of ideas you have. Maybe you want a foodie trip with girlfriends, or a beach vacation for a multigenerational family trip. Then, we’ll bring ideas back to you, with custom options based on you. Throughout the process, we’ve got all details covered, and are here to answer questions along the way.

FLORECER Travel is an independent affiliate of Gifted Travel Network — a Virtuoso® Member.

Why hire a travel planner?

Booking flights and hotels online is easy. So why hire someone? Life is busy, and in the end, you aren’t just looking for a hotel reservation. You want a bespoke experience, made just for you, and memories to last a lifetime. My network of experts includes on site tour operators, boutique and luxury hotels, private jets, yachts, and villas, and once in a lifetime curated experiences that you can't find on google. If you've dreamt of it, we can plan it, seamlessly.

Besides local knowledge, trusted on the ground partners, and being a member of the Virtuoso travel network, we’ve got the bases covered. Virtuoso includes 1,400 of the world's best hotels, constantly vetted for quality.  Virtuoso benefits can include things like room upgrades, daily breakfast for two, early check in/late check out, and other perks. We’ll make sure everything is covered, so you can relax and enjoy yourself. Then, we’ll check in once you’re back, to get feedback for how we can make your next trip even more memorable.

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