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Life seems to get more chaotic every passing year, and for most of us, home is our sanctuary. It’s a space to share with your favorite people, create precious memories, and reconnect with nature.

My mission is to help create a space that puts a smile on your face every single time you drive up to your house at the end of a long day.

What is FLORECER Design?

What does "Florecer" mean?

FLORECER is a spanish word, meaning to flower, to flourish, to thrive.

This word feels very personal to me. I fell head over heels in love with Mexico the first time I visited, in the December of 2008. I had never been to a place that had so many festivals, parties, music, fireworks, parades, and with such community spirit and friendliness! The happiness and exuberance of living with joy was palpable. I started thinking immediately of how I could bring little pieces of this feeling home with me.

Since then, every landscape that I design, I think mainly about the people in the space, what will their parties be like? How will they sit here with their kids, with their friends? How can I make it feel more fun, more lively, more special, and more memorable? Landscape at it’s core is about plants, sure. But it’s really about creating a space that you can thrive and flourish as a person, and as a family, making memories. There is also something special about landscapes, and how they grow and change over the seasons, which I think feels reassuring to us. No matter how long and cold a winter may be, in the spring, everything is flowering and thriving again!

How We Got Started & Where Are We Now

I started Julie Kite Garden Designs in 2011. Since then, I have worked both solo, and as a collaboration with other landscapers, in creating high end, residential design build projects. In addition to the design portion, I spent a lot of my time as a project manager as well. Earlier this year, I decided that I wanted to return to using my maiden name, Julie Palasma. Knowing that a business name change probably should follow, I decided to re-brand under the name FLORECER, since it also signified a period of new beginnings for me.

What We Offer

New Residential Design

Scope of work based on client needs. For someone with a landscaper already in mind, the design can be more conceptual in nature, leaving some flexibility for changes in the field. Other clients prefer a more detailed set of drawings.

Garden Bed Updating

Services range from simple updates such as replacing plants or extensive remodeling; Provide conceptual planning and phasing; Work one-on-one with landscapers to provide accurate estimate; Work one-on-one with landscapers ON-SITE for ordering, rearrange & place plants.

Plant Procurement

Source and provide trees and plant materials for projects, including on-site plant placement; Provide specimen trees from Oregon nurseries and brokers.

Design Gallery

Hand-Drawn Designs

  • Backyard Concept 1
  • Backyard Concept 2
  • Backyard Concept 3
  • Backyard Concept 4
  • Backyard Concept 5
  • Backyard Concept 7

3D Modeled Designs

  • Backyard 3D Concept 1
  • Firewall With Hot Tub
  • Backyard 3D Fire Pit Concept
  • Backyard 3D Concept 2

Landscapes Gallery


  • Hardscape 1
  • Hardscape 2
  • Hardscape 3
  • Hardscape 4
  • Hardscape 5

Completed Projects

  • Project View 1
  • Project View 2
  • Project View 3
  • Project View 4
  • Project View 5

In Process

  • Planting Progress 1
  • Planting Progress 2
  • Planting Progress 3
  • Planting Progress 4
  • Planting Progress 5
  • Planting Progress 6
" Every client has a different set of needs, and I create my designs for their landscape with a touch of psychology. For some, it’s creating an natural environment to recharges their batteries. For other, clean, simple and tidy gardens give them a sense of peace. Some people want to be reminded of their childhood homes, or another place that they love. "




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